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Leaf Pattern Design

My Work

My objective is to produce quality prototypes with simulated functionality as well as comprehensive plans for complex projects while using organized and structured screen base content with wireframes and visual mock-ups.


While working in a pharmacy we used a tracking system to manage patient pick-ups. Unfortunately, the interface was visually basic and functionally out-dated. My design has a more charming appeal with hovering overlays that display information all on one page. 

Leaf Pattern Design
Leaf Pattern Design
Drug AD_edited.jpg

Pharmaceutical Ad

My current occupation in pharmacy has introduced me to many aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. This Ad is a simple template of drug used to treat a condition. This simple layout can be modified to fit many different medications.


This is a straightforward manageable template of a website. This clean design can be applied to a multitude of projects. Many clients can benefit from an easy convenient layout suitable for a small business

Leaf Pattern Design
Leaf Pattern Design


This template showcases a website dedicated to cleaning. It is an easy layout with modern colors.


I enjoy showcasing different templates and ideas I envision creating. This is a web and mobile view of a movie streaming service. 

Leaf Pattern Design
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